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Affiliate Marketing Service

Manage your affiliate campaign, track affiliate sales transparently, get reports & view performance of your

campaigns – all in a single place.

GET MORE clicks, Affiliates & New customer orders

Affiliate Marketing is a approach of driving sales of a product or service using a third party sales force that only get paid on results. You are paying on results which mean you are getting more sales for less risk. Affiliate marketing is, first and foremost, about relationships. It counts on a relationship between a merchant (ie. Retailer) and you, the affiliate/publisher, as well as a relationship between you and consumers. When you advertise the merchant’s product or service offerings (on your blog, website, social media feed, etc.) and a consumer purchases a product/service from the brand based on your promotion, the merchant pays you a revenue share of the sale that you helped generate. We will provide you with Professional Affiliate Marketing Solutions that not only helps you to increase the traffic and sales to your websites but also creates online product loyalty.

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